Lash Care

Hello Ladies ! 

Getting individual lashes is a lifestyle ! You must take care of your lashes if you want them to last. We naturally release oils from our skin. These oils run down our lashes and breaks down the bond in the glue so if we don’t clean them your lashes will fall off. Don’t be scared of two or three lashes falling off while cleaning, you’d much rather your set last 6 weeks then them all falling off in two weeks due to you avoiding them. Your lash tech may sell a lash cleanser or you can use no cry oil free soap. We also need to brush our lashes constantly ! Not brushing your lashes will lead to extensions forming together and making a ‘cluster’ that will eventually pull out hair and damage your lash line. 


  • Do not get your eyelashes wet for the first two hours.
  • Do not use a spa, sauna or pool for the first 24
  • -48 hours. The extensions need that amount of time to properly bond.
  • Avoid pulling or rubbing your eyes.
  • Do not use eyelash curlers with your extensions. 
  • ONLY use oil-free makeup remover. If your eyelashes are tangled or crossed over, use the Spoolie given to you during your appointment to gently brush them straight and put them in place. 
  • Proper hygiene is very important. Please keep lashes clean by regular washing. 
  • NO oil-based or waterproof mascaras.
  • After showering avoid rubbing lashes, it best to blot them with a towel and let them air dry.
  • You can also dry the lashes by using a hair dryer on the cool setting and blowing them dry from the bottom up. It makes them curlier and fluffy.
  • Use care when applying facial and eye creams to avoid the lash line. Too many oil-based products can break down the adhesive.
  • Get a touch-up appointments every two to four weeks to maintain your new eyelash extensions

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